Action Drama Romance

Love on Trend (2021)

Love on Trend
Written by Dronex

Allie writes for her best friends blog but she’s trying to get a job as a designer. One day she manage to drop her phone in the garbage disposal and when she gets a new one she also gets a new number. It turns out that the number used to belong to the famous designer Cassidy who recently has gone off grid. In a spur of the moment Allie uses an invite to a designer event set to her number. At the event she meets Colin, in investment manager that has convinced his investor to invest in Cassidy’s company. He is under pressure to save Cassidy’s company now when Cassidy has gone AWOL. Colin tries to convince Allie to step in and complete next seasons line-up as a ghost designer in Cassidy’s place. Allie is hesitant but when other opportunities fails she’s talked into the deal and also takes on an opening event for Cassidy’s new store. Allie and Colin works together very well but what will happen if Cassidy turns up again?

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